Flange ball valves dare to enter overseas market is the way of current enterprise development.


With China's economic development, the valve industry has become scientific and technological. Nowadays, people are no longer confined to the original valve, more and more industries are in contact with stainless steel flange ball. At the same time, stainless steel flanged ball valve compared with other valves, installation cost is lower, operation efficiency is higher, energy saving and environmental protection, and later maintenance is easier.

Such a kind of valve is indispensable to automatic control valves, and now it has gradually become the mainstream product in the valve market. Due to the low degree of industrial concentration, many unfavorable factors, such as backward technology, low price competition, lack of influential brands and so on, have not made such a huge Chinese valve market in real sense.

Corporate product image or brand loyalty established through long-term advertising or customer service is one of the main obstacles for potential competitors to enter the industry. Especially for ball valves, gate valves, stainless steel flanged ball valves or butterfly valve manufacturers, new manufacturers have to spend a lot of investment and time to overcome the original customer brand loyalty and establish their own product (or brand) image.

Stainless steel flanged ball valve can not only play the role of switch, as a regulated stainless steel flanged ball valve can also achieve the function of adjusting valve position. Such a multi-functional, energy-saving and environmental protection, and low-cost products, in the market to become a "darling" is an inevitable trend.

At least 172 manufacturing companies in the United States produce one or more major hydropower components, including turbines, generators, transformers, pressure pipes, sluices and valves. According to the fresh data, that is to say, as a new type of valve market rather than replacement type, its demand potential and explosive power will be astonishing. Asia Investment Bank focuses on infrastructure construction along the "one belt" along the route, such as water, electricity, gas, heat and so on. India's 1.28 billion people are so attractive that the growth data of infrastructure and consumer markets are there, where early-arriving European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises are doing their best. So for businessmen, India is the inevitable choice.